The ramblings of a mostly-sane flute/piccolo player.
No, I’m absolutely not, but thank you for asking.

No, I’m absolutely not, but thank you for asking.

Anonymous asked: hola friend. i recently picked up piccolo and i'm enjoying, however I do miss flute. as I was busy figuring out the embouchure and how to produce good sound on piccolo, I totally forgot to practice flute and now whenever I play flute my embouchure is out of wack and I can't play any notes above e flat. are there any tips on how to adjust my embouchure properly? thanks ((:

1) Get a teacher.

2)Get a teacher!

3) Get a teacher!!!

4) Long tones, lots of them. Focus on your mouth and lips and stay loose. Sit there forever playing whole notes. Discover what works.

5) Get a teacher.

6) Practice piccolo and flute in the same practice session, switching between the two at random time intervals. If you want to double, you need to be able to do this. Odds are something is off with your piccolo embouchure, too, if it’s messed up your flute embouchure that much.

7) Get a teacher. Really, they help.

It was like Brahms, but in a burrito.

—Piano friend, reviewing a local Mexican restaurant

My vocalist friend told me he could sing louder than I could play. I laughed and merrily got out my piccolo. After a few minutes of devastated awe, he surrendered and left my practice room.

I think that’s just beautiful.

Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips for flutter tonguing? Whenever I try, it's just fluttered air. No sound is produced.

Refer to [this post!]

You might also wanna try using a higher airspeed and perhaps more air. Keep your mouth cavity open.

Anonymous asked: Hey, do you have any advice for breathing when playing the flute (it sounds like a joke lol)? I have trouble breathing during fast eighth/sixteenth notes parts where there's no rests.

That’s not a joke at all! Breathing is a massive question and very hard to master, silly as it may sound. As always the best most amazing advice I can give you is the following: 

Go out and get a teacher. They can help you better than I, especially since this is something that takes a lot of time and work to master!

This topic is a very large one and I don’t feel comfortable advising you on it when I haven’t heard you play and when I don’t have a specific example of what you’re talking about! 



learning the flute is the most infuriating thing

Having flute consume your life and not being able to get out because you’re too deeply invested in it and cant imagine life without playing is the most infuriating thing.

Wait until they introduce you to piccolo.

Has anyone ever actually finished a cork grease thing